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Studio: Glaze Formulation Resources

References are provided for those seeking to learn more about ceramic glaze formulation, especially from local sources.
Studio: Glaze Formulation Resources

While I am relatively new to glaze formulation, I've covered some ground. Below are a list of resources that I've found invaluable:


  • DigitalFire.com, a solid reference resource.
  • Glazy.org offers an easy to use glaze formulation calculator, among other handy tools for the potter.
  • Hamish Jackson, a bright young potter who, while completing his MFA, extensively documented his own journey formulating glazes from a local granite found in Utah. The trail he blazed saved me much time and anguish. Thanks Hamish!
  • The Periodic Table


The following references contain a lot of overlap, but each brings its own worthy and unique perspective. Note I am firing an electric kiln to Cone 6, which explains the mid-range references.