Glazes from Mount Vision Granite

Glazes from Mount Vision Granite
Mt Vision Granite Glaze with 10% Red Iron Oxide

As a ceramicist, a large portion of my work is dedicated to formulating ceramic glazes from the locally available granite rock. This activity includes glaze formulation research and education, sourcing and processing of the local materials, extensive experimentation, and detailed documentation.

Early in the process I elected to use this site as a repository for documentation which has led to the development of a series of "Mt Vision Granite" articles, organized below.

The first group is informative and provides background on inspiration, place, geology and chemistry and processing of the local granite. The second group records experimentation details.

Inspiration, Geology, Chemistry, and Processing

Glaze Experiments and Results

Slip Experiments and Results


Being that this effort is continuous, these articles will remain a work in progress.