Mount Vision Ceramic Studio

Mount Vision Ceramic Studio

Located on the eastern slope of Mount Vision on the Point Reyes Peninsula, above the historic town of Inverness, California, Mount Vision Studio is a ceramics workshop operated by Jess Taylor.

With over 20 years of experience at the pottery wheel, Jess has a deep interest in using the local granite rock from which Mount Vision is comprised to formulate unique glazes that are representative of the region.

Jess' pottery is functionally oriented, using glazes, granite-based and otherwise, that depict the natural colors and textures of the Point Reyes wilderness.

About Jess

A Marin native, Jess' pottery reflects his expertise as a technologist, scientist, and student of history. Since his teenage years, Jess was influenced by his extensive travels in Europe in which he was inspired by ancient Greek pottery forms, especially from the Minoan civilization in Crete. His education includes a BA and MS in Geophysics from the University of California, Berkeley and Santa Barbara, respectively, emphasizing seismology. During his career, Jess worked in Italy in both seismology and technology for long periods. Later, Jess co-founded and lead a successful San Francisco based technology consultancy dedicated to mobile application design and development, prior to becoming a dedicated studio potter.

This Site

This site is about Jess' ceramics work, and in particular, to his efforts to formulate glazes from locally sourced granite rocks. If you are interested in learning about this granitic journey, a set of articles has been prepared, organized here.

Other articles are available presenting more of Jess' ceramic art work, Point Reyes Open Studio events, and other studio processes and approaches.

Jess' other websites - Random musings about photography, science, math, and more. - About Jess' seismology oriented mobile apps Epicenter, and iTemblor, available on the Apple iOS platform. - About Jess' Classics oriented app Polis-Inventory, a map-based catalog of the ancient Greek poleis, available on the Apple iOS and Mac platforms.


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